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Ritchie Waterer Underwater Valve Option

Is your customer having trouble with their Ritchie valve freezing up? Ritchie offers a simple yet effective solution for Omni 3's, 5's and 10's. Trade out your standpipe for a bulkhead fitting (Part #18625).


This bulkhead will allow the valve to sit vertically under the water and make the valve much less likely to freeze. For less than $30, this option is almost too easy to pass up.


These bulkheads are a great solution for our beef cattle customers. The only issue is that when these bulkheads are put in Omni 10's they can cause a vapor lock so we have a slight modification for those units. All you have to do is let us know which bulkheads are for 10's and we will do this for you.

AA Dairy customers will have to talk to their inspectors as it is not approved in all situations.

Where can I purchase Ritchie Parts?

Since 1921, Ritchie Automatic Waterers have been keeping animals hydrated on-demand. Manufactured in Conrad, Iowa, Ritchie waterers have a reputation for reliability, durability, and dependability. V & M Inc's Dealer Network will provide top of the line service in South Dakota, North Dakota, Western Minnesota and NW Iowa. Visit the dealer map below to find a Ritchie dealer near you.

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