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Tired of replacing those broken sheets of plywood?

flex tracwith border.jpg

V&M is proud to introduce the new Flex-Trac portable, temporary roadway! The flexible solution to driving your vehicles and equipment in and out of job sites you thought were impossible!


Flex-Trac is a tough, resilient polyethylene product that will give you many years of use. 


-Take the weatherman out of the job!

-Increase productivity!

-No ruts in the yard or job site to clean up!


-Hand holes for ease in use


-Use on outriggers

-Each Mat is 24" or 48" wide and 96" long to accommodate a large variety of job sites

-Designed to be highly visible to drivers with a bright color

-Connectable for custom lengths!

-Each Flex-Trac has memory! The Trac will go back to its original shape after use. 

-Won't absorb water or rot

-Cleans Easily

-Tested by well drillers and backhoe operators on various sites. 

Flex-Trac is an absolute must for: Utility Trucks, Well Drillers, Backhoe Operators, Concrete Truck Operators, Landscapers, Golf Courses and more.  

Don't let mud slow you down! Keep production on schedule with Flex-Trac. 

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