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What are Ritchie Thermal Tubes?

Ritchie Thermal tubes are an insulated riser tile that helps keep your water line safe. They are installed under the fountain and create an 8-inch i.d. space around the waterline. This traps some heat from the water line itself and keeps the fountain warmer in the winter. Thermal tubes are recommended for every Ritchie fountain.


What Thermal Tube length should I use?

The Ritchie Thermal Tubes come in 4ft, 2ft, and 1ft lengths. South Dakota and Iowa customers should use a minimum of 6ft lengths while North Dakota and northern Minnesota customers usually prefer 8ft. They do not need to be replaced with each fountain and will last as long as the water line itself.


TIP: The Thermal Tubes should sit flush with the top of the concrete pad and should not be cut or modified in any way.

Where can I purchase a Ritchie Thermal Tube?

Since 1921, Ritchie Automatic Waterers have been keeping animals hydrated on-demand. Manufactured in Conrad, Iowa, Ritchie waterers have a reputation for reliability, durability, and dependability. V & M Inc's Dealer Network will provide top of the line service in South Dakota, North Dakota, Western Minnesota and NW Iowa. Visit the dealer map below to find a Ritchie dealer near you.

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